How to become a bandwagon Blue Jays Fan?

Two weeks ago, the Blue Jays fell out of first place, and the odds of making the playoffs were next to nothing. Last weekend, the Blue Jays offence erupted to defeat the conference best Texas Rangers in a 3-game sweep.


If you asked any expert 2 weeks ago, and asked them if they believe the Jays would win the wild card and sweep the best team in the conference they’ll laugh in your face.

The Jays are baseballs hottest team, and they’re looking untouchable after slaughtering the best team in the American league conference

So, if you’re from Toronto, or even Canada. This is the perfect time to stand behind Canada’s team and watch the Blue Jays succeed.

It’s been a long time (22 years) since the city of Toronto has won a championship. Toronto’s sports teams have constantly disappointed the city year after year. So Toronto, rally behind the elite baseball team and watch them soar to a World Series Championship.

SB nation sports writer, Timothy Finnegan, knows the Blue Jays can shock the world with their outstanding playoff run.

“I had no idea, not even my other staff members, thought the Jays would sweep the Texas Rangers,” Finnegan said. “If they can beat Texas like that, I’m sure the other playoff teams don’t know how powerful Toronto could be”.

So, if your one of the people who are stuck in the corner just listening to Blue Jay fanatics talk for hours on how amazing the team is. This is the article to read to be up to date on all of the blue Jays info. Hopefully by the time you read this piece the Blue Jays will be in the World Series with a few wins away from Toronto’s 3rd World Series Ring.


  • Who’s our best players?
  1. a) Josh Donaldson: He’s a phenomenal hitter and he won the American League MVP last year.
  2. b) Edwin Encarnacion: is the team’s slugger and is famous for running around the plate with his arm up. He is the person who runs around with the fake parrot. Joey Bautista is the home run machine who will forever be remembered for his iconic home run bat flip last against the Texas Rangers.


Pitchers: Finnegan said, “Aaaron Sanchez is the Blue Jays best pitcher. He’s been with the team for a fairly long time”. He was a relief pitcher (he played in the final innings of the game) last year, and now he’s a prime starting pitcher (begins the game).

Stroman: He’s the heart of the city. He gets emotional and energetic whenever he pitches, he wears #6 to represent the 6(nickname for Toronto).


  • What happened last year? Last year, Toronto had an elite team, but lost in the ALCS (American League Conference Series). Jays lost in 6 games against last year’s world series winners Kansas City. Happily, Kansas City didn’t make the playoffs so we have unfinished business this year.
  • Playoff Format: Toronto first won the wild card game (one game “do or die” to decide what team will make the playoffs). Then the ALDS (American League Division Series), Toronto faces the best team in the conference, Texas Rangers, in a Best of 5 series. Then the ALCS, last two teams in each conference play a head to head best of 7 series. Lastly, the last two teams of the conference play a must-watch Best of 7 Series to determine who the World Series Champs are.
  • Important Storylines: Andrew Gould, writer from Bleacher Report, speaks about the important storyline. “Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista, the Blue Jays 2 super sluggers, are in the final years of their contracts”. Gould said. “They are expected to receive extremely expensive offers from other teams”. “It’s still undecided if the team will sign one or even both”. So, this is an important playoff year for both of them, as they could be playing in the final couple of games as a Blue Jay.
  1. b) Osuna, our closing pitcher, the extremely young 21-year old closer continues to shine throughout the playoffs. He had a slump going to end of the season, and now once the playoffs started, he’s found his groove.

So, to the Canadians who have nightly hobbies, ones who go out to brunch on a regular basis, zombies who treat Netflix as a religion, hop onto the Blue Jays bandwagon. Canadians make your way to your nearest Sportchek to buy that overpriced Royal Blue Blue Jays Jersey and be ready for the first pitch of the next series Friday night.


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