Will Toronto care if Toronto FC wins?

Photo Credits: LoveToronto


Everyone from Toronto is fairly focused on the three main Toronto Sports teams. The Leafs, the Raptors, and the Blue Jays.

Everyone knows North America isn’t very dedicated  about soccer. Soccer is literally popular everywhere but here.

Toronto FC is still a new Toronto team. The team entered the MLS in 2006. Also there hasn’t been a lot of hype behind the team as the soccer team has made the playoffs twice in the last 10 years.

Photo Credits: FoxDepotSports


Last Nine Placements in the Standings:










9)2016-5th (Playoffs)

How crazy?

It took the team 8 seasons to finally get to the playoffs.

The Toronto FC fanbase wasn’t even huge, as the average attendance of a common Toronto FC game was 18,000. While after their historic campaign this season, they’re averaging nearly 26,000 per game. That’s a huge chunk of new Toronto FC fans.

So you’re telling me a city that has suffered tirelessly of the Maple Leafs disappointing them, should care? When they’re playing a “foreign” sport? Off Course.

Toronto FC has successfully completed the 180 turn. They were nearly at the bottom of the standings 4 seasons ago, and now they’re one win away from the trophy.

This is like when you’re playing 5 on 5 basketball game, and your best 3 players are playing horribly but the 1 of the 2 average players are finally playing above their worth.Let’s just say the other average player are the Argos, who are playing horribly.

You’re apart of the team so you have to show they’re support when its due.

Honestly Toronto, we don’t get championship opportunities this often. We should never take this for granted.

I don’t care if you hate soccer, allergic to soccer, you puke when you see a referee pull out a yellow card, just remember who’s in it. Our city. We never get an opportunity like this, so let’s enjoy it for the moment.

Let’s band together and enjoy this moment.

Saturday night. December 10 8pm Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders. Let’s Get It Toronto.

Photo Credits: WestToronto2006



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