6 Years of Pure Musical Talent Rooted from Ontario

By. Elvin George

Canada’s musical gems have been hidden in the province under the Hudson Bay. For the past 6 years, Ontario’s musical talents have sprouted and expanded across the border and onto the other side of the world. The most surprising statistic is that our musical talents aren’t from one specific genre but from a wide-range of types of music.

Drake paved the way for Toronto rappers/ RnB(Rhythm and Blues) singers to make their mark in music.Before The Weeknd, found a spark with the theme song of 50 shades of grey, he was working with Drake. Drake then told the Weeknd to make his own career instead of joining him with OVO. That resulted in his own collective,XO, being born.

The map shows that majority of all the Toronto artists belong to Drake and his collective of OVO. He and his team branched out to the major cities in Ontario to find these hidden gems. It’s either artists from his local surroundings, such as Majid Jordan for UofT and DVSN from the Annex. Then outside of downtown Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton hold some young talented stars. It’s well aware that Drake aimed for a specific genre, and has formed a Canadian RnB Super team.

Pop stars have gained their fame from being found on Youtube. Justin Bieber and Alessia Cara were discovered on old Youtube videos. While Shawn Mendes was a young Vine sensation. It’s seen that the Canadian pop stars have been rooted from different parts of Ontario.

Electronic Music Artists have recently gained awareness after the rave scene returned. The two Canadian electronics artists root from complex areas of Ontario, as DVBBS is from Orangeville, and Deadmau5 is from Niagara falls.

Year after year, a young Canadian gem unleashes their musical talent to the world. Hopefully, our hot streak of artists from Ontario never stops.


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